Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thanksgiving Brainstorming...

This year the Wingate's and The Cortese's will be celebrating Thanksgiving in Tallahassee. There's going to be a crowd (15 people + 3 three dogs) but how often can two families collaborate? My sister in-law, Amy, gets equally excited about entertaining so I wanted to post some pics of very do-able, inexpensive centerpiece ideas (most of them are straight from the backyard).

I probably will not look at recipes. Mostly due to the fact that my mom and Nanu are a well-oiled machine and have memorized the standard, delicious Thanksgiving meal.
Other Week/Weekend activities include:
Running in the 5K Turkey Trot on Thursday morning
Girls- getting and decorating a Christmas tree on Friday; Guys- golfing
Tailgating extravaganza for the FSU vs. UF game on Sat


Heather said...

asher- i wanted to add a little decorating tip- i did it for christmas but it could go for both holidays... if you collect dry leaves, you can either make a wreath out of them or even cover the top of a box and spray paint them gold- it looks amazing! you should try it :) martha stewart did it when she wrapped gifts and then would add like 3 gold leaves to the top of the box- so easy!

smitten design said...

Georgia Peach- can you send me a pic of that wreath? Maybe we'll add that to our list of things to do while you visit Tallahassee!