Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Renovation is more detailed than wedding planning

I love details. I like having 100 bases to cover and remaining stress free throughout the process. This is a strength of mine and I pride myself in this attribute. In general, it takes a lot to rattle me. For example: planning the wedding. What a breeze. We had a five month engagement and we could have done it in three. (A special thanks to my Mom, Dad, Diane and Tiffany). Okay Okay, I'll stop complimenting myself and let you know how much I am learning about the increasing details that are required to renovate. I am juggling trying to please the husband (who ultimately trusts my decisions), make my selections "re-sellable" to your average Joe (i.e. do marble countertops scare everyone or just the OCD and those who don't find them as stunning as I do?) and narrow down the many styles that I am drawn to into a classic kitchen.
In the pictures above, the subway tiles on the backsplash are popping out to me. Also, in the last picture the countertop (I believe it's a quartz) is the first example I've seen that I could live with. I'm also loving the drop in cooktop and the glass inserts on the cabinets.


lisa michelle loney said...

so i'm guessing you won the lottery or have an incredible kanck for 'deals'. this kitchen is going to be celebrity worthy.

love you!

Teri Andrea said...

ashley, if i had a ton of money i'd have you come over and decorate my kitchen for me. i'm loving everything you pick out! and i love this blog. keep it up :)