Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Recap

The Wingate's have started a new Christmas tradition. This is possibly better than any gift Santa may bring...it's an outrageous meal. After the wisdom teeth fiasco, I was just so thrilled I was able to eat this meal. Here's the menu: escargot, Capri salad, ciabattta bread, asparagus, lobster, filet, twice baked potato and for dessert, yes we actually ate more, some extravagant chocolate tort with pecans. Meals shared together usually are the best gift and I loved having this one with my family and I look forward to Christmas 2009. Already!
Great job on the table, mom.

There's my dad with my husband, Tony- the lobster boilers.

My brother, Dale, with his father in law, Don- the grill masters.

My plate- what a champ!

That's the entire Capri salad, not just my portion.

There's Nanu:) She's such a joy in my life.

Here is my mom and Dale.

And Dale with his wife, Bridget.

If I was on death row, I'd suggest this menu...who says that?!?!

Thanks Mom, Dad, Linda and John for the work on this meal.

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Jennifer, Ryan & Luke Little said...

Yummmm!! That is a beautiful meal!