Monday, January 5, 2009

Home Made Goodies

It's hard to trace back what inspired me to make these coasters for Christmas presents, but I'm sure some picture set it into motion.
Here are the simple steps:
1.)I found candle votive holders at Big Lots (which I have not been able to find anywhere else, so please let me know if anyone finds them)
2.) I used My Publisher in Microsoft Office to get the font and style I was looking for
3.) Laminated the paper in order to make these as water proof as possible
4.) Sealed the paper around the coaster with E600 glue (the man at Michael's recommended it for water proofing and drying clear)
5.) Finished the coasters off with self adhesive felt

I made 4 coasters for my brother and sister in law. They live in South Florida and are newlyweds, so how cute are those smooching seahorses?

I also made a set for the most wonderful, I-hope-I-turn-into-her grandma, Nanu.

The second set was for Tony's grandparents, Meems and Peeps, that live in SC. I just did not want to show up empty handed to their house and thought it was a cute idea.

I love making gifts for people. I hope they like them as well!


Jovanna said...

My half birthday was 2 days ago.. and i LOVE coasters. What are the chances I can score some of these fancy things?

The Gunters said...

Oh my goodness these are so cute! I actually bought these at Target to use as coasters about a year ago. (not sure if they still have them or not) I might have to steal your idea!
Lane Gunter