Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh, Hello Charleston

Last weekend while Tony and I were celebrating the New Years with the family in Hilton Head, we took a day trip together to Charleston. This was my first time visiting this gorgeous city and to say the least, I was smitten and ready to pack up and move...these historic cities get me everytime. We arrived at lunch time and were starving. We knew it was a tourist trap, but we went to Hyman's Seafood for she crab soup and this massive shrimp platter. After lunch we took a horse drawn carriage tour through battery park to see the homes south of Broad (SOB). Our guide had an accent which was terribly hard to interpret, but we managed to learn some interesting facts about the city's architecture/process of selecting paint color on rainbow row/ and some well-to do families that owned the property.
How would you like to have 3 porches off the side of your house? I'd take it.

You think that's a front door, but it's a faux. It leads you to the side porch and from the side porch you can enter the house. Most houses have this feature. I especially love the ivy on the door steps.

This old church now serves as a garage. Pretty fancy storage!
The window box above was full of real, fresh flowers. I am amazed at that green thumb, seeing how I cannot keep basil alive.
My favorite pics of the day was this little fellow, Marley Jr.

I also was fond of these door knockersThe perfect way to end the day with Tony


jovanna said...

you guys are too too cute :)

smitten design said...

Jo- do you like the sweater I'm wearing in that pic?

teri andrea said...

yay for updates! and that's a perfect way to end any day, my friend :)