Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's getting harder and harder to blog these days. I am busy, but I don't think that's a legit excuse, who's not busy these days?
I started school on Monday, hooray!
Do you ever play the game: if I won the lottery, what would I do with my money?
Sometimes I daydream about it (even though I don't play. I think they should make ticket purchasing online an option, then I'd play). If I won, I'd like to be really generous and smart with it. I'd continue to live like we do, with a few exceptions. I'd buy this stove:

And these pendants:

And I'd book a trip to Greece.

Then I would research on what I really want to do...

Maybe I just want to make a lot of babies for a while

I would have to make my money work for me, and I'd open a beautiful barn to rent out for parties

I'd probably get into the business of restoring homes

Giving style to dilapidated houses sounds like a dream

Let's bring myself back to reality:

What would you do with a bundle of money?
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Tabitha said...

Yes sometimes Andrew and I play this game. And then I quickly bring us back to reality too. A boat is on my list. Living on the water, a huge outdoor living space. Making lots of babies. Good stuff. Congrats on the schooling- so excited for you. Though I wonder what this means for your other plans that we had talked about ;). One day I will rent your beautiful barn for an event. Can't wait!!