Friday, September 9, 2011


Over the last several days our weather has dropped 15 degrees and I swear I am a new woman. I am so happy to live in Tallahassee when the seasons change. My windows are open, we're eating our meals on our porch and taking Buster on long walks again. It's amazing how the change in the weather rejuvenates my outlook on life.

I am pretty dramatic and prone to call whatever stage I'm entering my favorite, and then a few months later wish it away! I love the first crisp in air in the fall and I love the warmth on my skin in the spring. I usually dread the shorter days, but I am looking forward to the sun setting earlier and having fires in our house again...probably because I've been so tired lately.

I'm contemplating making marshmallows this year. This is one food group I could totally avoid, but the homemade marshmallows look irresistible.

I''m also ready to put my boots back on.

I tried to wear a scarf today, but I kept taking it on and off, it's not quite cool enough.

Are you the same? What excites you about the fall?


emily/thesearethedays said...

Yes, yes and yes. There is so much promise of magic in the switch to cooler weather and a new season that I don't think I could dislike it if I tried. Also, boots and turning off the air conditioning. :)

sécia said...

I want some Merry Marshmallows. :)

♥ sécia

ceri said...

I'm loving the pumpkin wreath! Always love your posts!

PT said...

Where did you buy the dress and boots?