Friday, March 16, 2012

37 weeks and 3 days but who's counting?

So I've missed some monthly updates. Reid is now the size of a watermelon. A watermelon! He weighs a little over 5 1/2 pounds and at our last ultrasound, he measured a week small. The thought of delivering a small baby kinda delights me. He's dropped low, as low as he can go without coming out. I think the prenatal yoga I've been doing might have something to do with this placement. It's nice because I can now take deep breaths, but he's on my bladder, so there's a trade off.

How do I feel?

The third trimester is a beast. The ease that I have experienced up to this point is long gone and the discomfort makes me incredibly eager to meet this little guy. It's comical how extreme I am with my feelings. Some days when asked how I feel, I will forget I am 9 months pregnant and think I can conquer to world, well at least clean my house. Other days, I feel like I have been pregnant for 2 years and I want nothing more than to lie in a hospital bed with an epidural hooked up to my back to relieve some pain, not necessarily induce labor.

I am also thankful that I do not have to be pregnant during the summer. It's already proving to be a warm March and I feel terrible for my friends that are due in August.

What surprises me?

I find myself growing quite sentimental about going from our family of three (Buster) to a family of four. We have our routine and I really enjoy the ease, carelessness and simpleness I've grown accustomed to over the past 5 years. It's too hard to grasp that I will not, ever, have this approach to life once Reid enters it. Of course it's exciting, but every normal activity we do I tend to point out to Tony, "this is the last time we are ever going to...(fill in the blank)".
We are going to be a parents and that means we are going to love someone more than ourselves- we are going to think of his needs first and respond accordingly. I've always thought motherhood will allow me to comprehend the love Christ has for me, the grace he lavishes upon me and the chance I have to experience this love for another excites me.

Any cravings?

Saltines. I have never eaten so many in my life. I love their blandness. I am making those oh-so-popular green smoothies so he gets some nutrients through the spinach, fruit and dairy.
I also love to make mint tea, but I think my teeth might need some white strips pretty soon.

What else?

Let's talk about this hospital bag I need to pack. I hear I need socks, slippers, a robe, a pillow or two, a going home outfit for Reid, what am I missing? We live a mile from the hospital and I can't imagine really needing much. (Again, I think all I need is that heavenly injection in my back). I still need to find a pediatrician and set up the car seat. Then we'll officially be ready. Ready to wait.


the heller family said...

Love Love Love Dr. Elzie at Prof. Park Ped. Loved him so much, Micah was concerned ;) Hope the last couple weeks are wonderful! Such a precious time!

Allison Guest said...

LOL... well, you have described my situation to a "T" as well. I am not in the uncomfortable stage just yet, but I am sure next weekend I will be there! My hubby and I feel the same exact way, glad for years spent together beforehand, but happy to have this new little person enter our lives :)
I packed my bag with 2 sets of t-shirts, yoga pants, undies (even though I probly wont wear the undies until I leave, dont want to mess up mine), nursing bras, breast pads,slippers, toiletries, and then my ihome for music and pillows!
Good luck!! Only 17 more days, can you believe it? Can't wait to see Reid's nursery together!

Whimsy World said...

Camera =) Your about to take more pictures than you ever have in your life! And I'll text you some more info. ;)

Teri Andrea said...

...a few outfits for yourself should be in that bag. two just for the day you go home... call me if you have any questions about this. [insert all of my sisters' very descriptive words here.]

jennifer little said...

If you plan to breastfeed, don't leave home without the lansinoh! It's so soon! Post those final nursery pics!!

pve design said...

looking forward to capturing a pve original for you -
I think for the nursery it would make a nice home-coming.