Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Set your DVR.

Jeff Lewis is back with a new show, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis, that premiers tonight at 9/8 Central. I personally cannot wait. He is a favorite tv personality of mine, as well as Zoila and Jenny.
Are you BFF's with him on Facebook? You should be. His irreverent wit and sarcasm will brighten up your day. Here are some off his wall photos with his captions below:
"Daisy dukes are back?"
"I think there's room for one more"
"I guess my story went on too long" "Amber Alert"
"20 lbs to go"
Check it out for yourself. I love him.

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LauraLaiche said...

I LOVE Jeff Lewis... however, his new show didn't captivate his personality as much as his older one.