Monday, March 12, 2012

Since you've been asking...

The top I wore in my maternity shoot is from Zara. I bought it in November, so I'm not sure if it's still around. I has a pretty gold zipper in the back and I left it unzipped for the majority of the shoot, that's the only way it could fit around me. I am very much looking to wearing it post- maternity."Liming" how-to. The can claims you don't have to sand your furniture, just apply a coat of the liming wax to a surface and you will have that white-washed look. I did that on raw wood and it just looked white. So, I stained the wood with a rag, a little bit goes a long way, and I didn't even let the stain dry before I applied the liming wax with another rag over the stain. I prefer staining to paint because you can play with the color and finish much more than you can with paint.If your furniture has an existing finish, I would sand it down to somewhat open "the pores", clean it off and then add the liming wax. Most furniture will have a lacquer finish and you want to penetrate past that, so sand it. You will know pretty quickly what the "finish" will look like. If you sand your existing piece of furniture down and the base color is too light, I would apply a stain, then the liming wax over the stain and let it dry. I wanted a dark grey for my headboard so the staining was an important step for me.

It's a very straight forward process. You can read more about another liming project here. Please share your projects with me if you decide to tackle this.

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